Chipper finally wins the batting title.

The final day of the season sealed Chipper’s quest for his first batting title. Jones beat out Albert Pujols by 7 points. Not bad for someone who was considered by many to be “washed up”. How are you Chipper haters feeling now? That .364 average proves you wrong.

Sure, he may not win the MVP. But Mr. Pujols sure will. But what about Ryan Howard? Well the answer is no. Ryan Howard does not in anyway deserve the MVP award. You may think “but he has 48 home runs and 146 runs batted in.” So what. You left out the fact that he struck out 199 times.

With a little math you can quickly find that Ryan Howard strikes out 33% of the time. Simply put, that sucks. With some more math you can find that he drives in a run in 23% of his at bats and hits a home run in 7% of his at bats. I truly do not believe that he deserves the MVP award.

The most valuable player should not strike out that many times. Let’s go back to Albert Pujols for a second. Pujols struck out 54 times this year. That is not a miss type. 54 times. With some more of the before mentioned math you can figure out that he strikes out only 10% of the time. Sounds pretty darn good to me.  Another nice little stat is how he walked 104 times. That is almost 2 walks for every strikeout. Is Ryan Howard still your MVP?

If my memory serves me well, this is the second year in a row that only 2 players walked more times then struck out. Correct me if I’m wrong. The other player happens to be Chipper Jones. Who has struck out 61 times opposed to 90 walks.

The overall point of this to say that it does not matter how many home runs you hit or how many runs you bat in. If you strike out almost 200 times you are hurting your team. The other point is to give Chipper the credit he deserves. Good job Chip, you deserve it.

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