Off Season Moves

Well almost every Braves fan has heard the rumors about Jake Peavy coming to Atlanta. Let’s start praying because imagine the rotation, Peavy, Jurrjens, and Hudson. Maybe add Smoltz and Glavine in there.

Atlanta also has some cash left over, maybe A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe? That would be an incredible rotation. Best in the NL hands down, no contest.

I however think that Atlanta cannot trade away their biggest prospects. Everyone says they need a power hitting left fielder. What about Jason Heyward? He is in the system and apparently murders the ball. Give him a shot in spring training at least.

As the days pass I hate the Teixeira deal more and more. I don’t think Kotchman is the player the Braves want. Definitely give Freddie Freeman and Tyler Flowers a shot at first base in spring training.

Just to get something off my chest. People keep saying that Freeman, Flowers, Heyward, and Schafer need to develop more. Well do you know how players get better? THEY PLAY. Even if it is just a shot in spring training. It could do wonders for them. And for the people that say well it could seriously hurt them. Remember Rafael Furcal? He went from A to Rookie of the Year in 1 season. Last time I checked he was doing just fine.


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