Some more insight on the projected Peavy trade.

I have become very frustrated by the fact that people do not consider the other half of the trade, the Padres.

Fellow Braves fans, if you want someone good, you need to give up someone good. It really is that simple. No illusions or tricks, value gets value. Crap does not get you value. Unless you are the Yankees and somehow give up nothing for the best players every year. (GM’s on the Yankees payroll?) Who knows. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I would like to clear something up. The Padres want 2 starting pitchers and 1 major league ready outfielder. Relievers don’t count as starters so stop trying to include them. Jo-Jo Reyes has zero value, stop trying to include him because you don’t like him.

As for the outfielders, Josh Anderson, Gregor Blanco, Gorkys Hernandez, Jordan Schafer, and Jason Heyward are the possibilities. One needs to go if you want Peavy, get over it. The only reason the Padres want Yunel Escobar is it is their attempt to dump Khalil Green’s salary. Replacing Escobar with Brent Lillibridge will not get it done. Escobar is better, hands down, no contest.

This continues to the fact that Martin Prado and Kelly Johnson may be included in the deal. San Diego could move one over to shortstop. That one would be Kelly Johnson as he came up as a shortstop. I don’t think Prado has the range to play shortstop so I doubt San Diego does either.

San Diego may want Tyler Flowers,  but I doubt it. There hasn’t been any official talk about so I don’t think they want him.

Finally! Please think things through! Before you go saying your trade think to yourself, “would I make that trade?” If you say no, then the Padres won’t do it either as they have more knowledge about these players than any one of us fans. The trade HAS to be fair for BOTH teams. Giving up mediocre players will NOT get you Jake Peavy. So please, just stop it.


  1. PWHjort

    A few advantages the Braves have in this deal:
    1) San Diego wants to dump Peavy. They’re trying to go into re-building mode while slashing payroll. Both of those things are consistent with trading Peavy. They honestly don’t really care that Peavy would help them win next year, they’re completely contempt with mediocrity. Not only next year, but in general. The San Diego front office/ownership is the least passionate/most business side minded group in baseball. Dumping Peavy would in every way, be a plus for them.
    2) Atlanta has the type of depth in their farm system to make this deal happen. Even if San Diego wasn’t actively shopping Peavy, Atlanta would have the depth in their farm system for this. You mentioned some of the outfielders, here’s the close-to-complete list: Blanco, Anderson, B. Jones, Schafer, Heyward, Hernandez, Francoeur, Diaz, Sumoza, and Jason Perry are all names to kick around. Heyward, Hernandez, and Schafer are presumably off limits. I also assume Francoeur is off limits. Diaz and Perry don’t have much value (although Perry could play a big part as our 4th outfielder this season pending a good spring). That leaves B. Jones, Blanco, Sumoza, and Anderson. San Diego would like to have any of those, though I assume Anderson and B. Jones would be more attractive to them. Pitching wise, the Atlanta Farm System isn’t as deep as their outfield (I don’t think there’s a team in the majors that has 9 close-to-ready/MLB-Ready OF prospects/u-25 players), but it certainly isn’t something to sneeze at. Hanson is a top 10 pitching prospect. Todd Redmond is another great pitcher. Cole Rohrbough, Jeff Locke, and Julio Teheran are 3 other solid guys with big upsides. Then there’s the throw-in pieces: Chuck James (probably valueless sinces he’s coming off surgery), Charlie Morton, and Jojo Reyes (regardless of what most people think, he’s got a huge up-side and will command some value on the trade market. Young pitching always does.).
    3) Peavy will approve the trade. There’s 5 places Peavy will “likely approve a trade to”: Atlanta, Chicago (Cubs), Houston, St. Louis, or LA Dodgers. This sort of goes back to the first point, but being a suitable destination with the correct package and the San Diego leadership eager to trade Peavy, 3 huge advantages.

    Since the Padres want to trade him, he’ll probably go for something like Reyes/Morton, Flowers, B. Jones/J. Anderson, Kelly Johnson, and Teheran/Locke for Peavy and Kahlil Green.

    No, I wouldn’t take that trade, but you have to put yourself in the Padres’ ownership’s shoes. Would they accept that? Maybe. Would it be wise of them? Probably not, but they’re desperate to slash payroll, so probably.

  2. hardballblog

    I do see your point at them trying to cut payroll. I think that since he is a rather affordable pitcher they would rather keep him than send him somewhere for prospects that won’t help them in the immediate future. San Diego wants to get rid of him, we agree on that. The Padres know that teams want him, which drives the asking price up. Peavy will not be given away. In any trade not matter who for it will take value to get value. And yes, Atlanta would be a great spot for him. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Darion

    I seriously forgot about Perry. He probably doesnt have much trade value, but if we can throw him in the trade instead of another player that we could use preferably an infielder, then we should do that. We have a bunch of outfielders, but not a whole lot of infielders that could come up now.

  4. Kaybee

    I’m a Padres fan. In response to atlantabred’s comment, no way are we trying to get rid of Jake. Our front office does have the brains to know that trading Jake would be a huge blow to the city, the club, and Jake himself. Jake just moved his family out here last year. He has two little boys and a new baby. It would be really hard for him to uproot his family again. If we as fans lost Jake, the front office is going to have to do something really big to get us out to the ballpark. Some might be interested in the whole youth thing, but it’s not going to sell tickets. Last year, most casual fans would only go to the games Jake pitched. Though he had a down year last year, a trade would really affect the team. He’s our ace. How do you replace someone like him? We obviously wouldn’t win much without him. I really don’t know why the Padres are doing this. It blows my mind, especially after giving him that big contract last year. I mean, will losing him help us? But I do agree that he’s going to go, if he goes, with a huge price tag. We have to get a lot or something BIG for him. This situation is really scary for Padres fans. I know he would be great anywhere he goes. But I really hope it doesn’t come to that! Whew, thanks for letting me rant there. This is just really upsetting.

  5. PWHjort

    Your front office doesn’t care if it’ll be a huge blow to the city and the club. They don’t care if they sell tickets. Your owner is going through a NASTY divorce and is having to cut costs left and right. His financial well-being is all that concerns him right now, not anything to do with the San Diego Padres apart from the financial side. He could care less weather or not this is going to be a huge blow to the club. Also, his ERA was a full point different at home vs. on the road. Your owner is probably taking a “sell-high” prospective since he is probably benefiting a lot from being in Petco Park.

  6. hardballblog

    Perry has some but little value. If my memory serves me correct he only had one hit in his limited time in Atlanta this year. Which was a triple in his first at bat. I have to admit, if I was a Padres fan I would also be upset. It is hard to see your favorite team getting ready to deal one of and in this case their best player. I went through it with Teixeira this year so I feel some of your pain. Since Peavy is in an extremely affordable contract for the caliber of player he is I don’t know why they would trade him to cut payroll. They are however trying to trade Khalil Green just to cut salary. Thanks for the comments, keep it up.

  7. Grant McAuley

    The more I look at the Peavy trade, the less I feel like this a deal that will actually get done. Then again, I look at the Mark Teixeira trade as a deal that never should have been done in the first place.
    The good thing about Peavy, is he gives you the staff ace who is under contract for at least four seasons. The bad thing is, you have to trade absolute quality prospects (forget these lists of mid-level and C+ prospects people throw around) to acquire him.
    I totally agree that I am tired of seeing the list of Jo-Jo Reyes and Brandon Jones etc. being thrown around for Peavy. Jason Heyward, Freddie Freeman and Jordan Schafer are the kind of bats that would go in this deal, and Tommy Hanson and Cole Rohrbough strike me as the arms San Deigo would want. Putting Escobar in the deal only works if Greene is coming in the deal – but who knows at this point.I chuckle when people say a list of players is not official, because teams never make the entire list of any trade a public matter to begin with. It’s all speculation until the deal goes down. But speculation is more fun for all of us than official press releases would be anyway.

    Enjoyed the entry,

  8. hardballblog

    I don’t mind people saying what they think will happen at all. I just think that for everyone’s benefit it should be realistic. Some of these trade ideas mite as well say, Peavy to Braves for nothing. I do however like it when people throw in big names for big names because it creates controversy. Without controversy its not interesting and it won’t get people thinking.

  9. PWHjort

    Jason Perry’s career minor league line looks like this:
    287/366/513 . A career slugging of over 500 is really good, only 7% of major league hitters finish their career with a slugging percentage of over 500 and the only players to do that for the Braves last season were McCann and Chipper. However, it doesn’t look like he’s got much more upside. He could be a useful 4th outfielder/left-handed pinch-hitter but I’m not sure. Depends on how he handles the better half of major league pitching. He’s bounced around the minor leagues playing for 4 different organizations at nearly all 3 levels. He’s already 27 years old so the Padres probably won’t see him as anyone they’d want as a throw-in. They’d probably rather take B. Jones or Josh Anderson.

  10. Darion

    I hope we keep Anderson. He seems like he will be a great player and He could be moved to another position like 2nd or 3rd base. He is kinda like Johnson in someway except a heck of a lot faster. I prefer him over Hernandez though.
    Who is suppose to be Chipper’s successor? I think I have heard his name before but I do not remember his name. It’s this one prospect.

  11. hardballblog

    I have also heard Eric Campbell. The only problem is I have heard the name for several years now and have yet to see him do anything. We’ll see when the time comes, which is hopefully never.

  12. wisbrave

    There are two different ways of that this trade can go. Peavy by himself will cost us big talent wise and Peavy with Greene will cost us less on talent and more money, which means less on the free agent market. I think Greene will be dead weight on the roster.
    We really only have the Dodgers that we have to worry about making a better deal than and they are in the same division not to mention that they’re in the same state thanks to the no trade clause and were Peavy is willing to play.

  13. hardballblog

    I don’t think Atlanta needs to worry about LA because San Diego would ask for a lot more in a deal since they are in the same division. San Diego would basically want the whole farm system or a big blow to their major league team now. If Peavy isn’t traded to Atlanta I don’t think he gets traded. No one can put together a package as good as Atlanta’s so it is either Atlanta or he stays in San Diego.

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