Why do people say stupid things?

I would like to shed some light on some realistic, and some plain crazy ideas that have been floating around the Atlanta Braves site.

First off, the Peavy trade. People say “trade Jo-Jo Reyes, Scott Thorman, Kelly Johnson, and Chuck James”. You need value to get value. You cannot keep saying to trade the players you don’t like for an ace. If you don’t like them because they aren’t good what makes you think San Diego will like them? They won’t. If you want quality players you have to give up quality players. Both sides will be hurt at first but it should even out if it is a fair trade. Atlanta will have to give up a potentially great player for Peavy, get over it.

People say start Jordan Schafer he is amazing. He has done well in a few Mexican League games. He has not even made it to AAA yet so why should he be the starter for Atlanta. If he proves it then yea, he should start. The best player should start regardless. He is not going to be handed the job like many of you want. Josh Anderson and Gregor Blanco have much more experience and at this point deserve it more than he does.

Something that has been bothering me is that people want Edger Renteria and Rafael Furcal back. Edger Renteria is 33 and has slowed down. He was great with Atlanta, but the guy is going to hit into more double plays than Manny Ramirez when he doesn’t get his contract. Not to mention that he cant get to as many balls anymore. He was great, but bringing back a over the hill shortstop will not help Atlanta. As for Furcal, he isn’t exactly young anymore. Also he is going to want at least 10 million which Atlanta can spend elsewhere.

Finally about the left field situation. PAT BURRELL AND ADAM DUNN WILL CAUSE NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. Both are strikeout prone. They are all or nothing players, everyone knows this. You would be adding at least 130 strikeouts to a lineup that has 2 players that struck out over 100 times last year and 1 that had 99. They will kill rallies in between the occasional double or home run. They will not be worth the trouble. If you disagree, convince Frank Wren to sign one of them and we will see who is right at the All-Star break. Matt Holliday or Jason Bay would be so much better it is almost not fair.


  1. Darion

    I think we should definitely trade 1 or 2 outfielders this season, especially if we are going to get one. Jones and Blanco look like the most likely to get out. Nady is more likely to go to Atlanta than Bay is since Bay had a great season with Boston and will stay there be Manny’s successor in the outfield. Even Crisp and Kotsay are more likely in my opinion. Holliday is a very possible situation to go to Atlanta since he will not be with Colorado after his contract expires.

  2. hardballblog

    I agree that Jones and Blanco are most likely to be traded. Jones has not developed into the player the Braves thought he would be. As for Blanco, Josh Anderson is just as fast and has the advantage hitting wise. Atlanta has been pushing hard for Xavier Nady but the Yankees want Casey Kotchman in return. I want Bay, but Boston wants to hold onto him just like you said. Holliday looks like the best fit but it will take a lot to get him. Delmon Young looks like the most likely trade as the Twins are looking to trade him and need a shortstop, Atlanta has Brent Lillibridge. I don’t know how the talks have been going beyond that though.

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