Rose Bowl

Rose BowlEarlier this evening my Penn State Nittany Lions defeated the Michigan State Spartans to clinch a spot in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. They had BCS title hopes but those were crushed by Iowa two weeks ago. Eh, they are making the best of what they can. I still think it’s a little messed up that even though they own the tie breaker with Ohio State, Penn State and Ohio State share the Big Ten title. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Either way they would have gotten screwed out of the BCS championship game anyway.

Penn State had a great year with just that one costly slip up in Iowa. Daryll Clark had a great year despite having some accuracy issues at times. Clark got all the press but there was one player that flew under the radar, Navarro Bowman.

Navarro BowmanAaron Maybin got all the press and hype on defense with his standout season, but Navarro Bowman was the MVP of the defense. This guy is the best linebacker I have ever seen play college football. The last few years I got to see Paul Posluszny, Dan Connor, and Sean Lee play. This guy is better than all of them. Bowman led the team with 98 tackles, the next highest was 66 by Josh Hull. Bowman is so fast it isn’t fair. Terrel Pryor found out the hard way that he isn’t faster than Bowman.

The season was in a way a failure, as they had BCS title hopes. A Rose Bowl isn’t bad but it isn’t what I was aiming for. It could have been the perfect ending to Joe Paterno’s career and put Penn State back into the truly “elite” group of football schools. I just hope they don’t have to play Oregon State in the Rose Bowl. Penn State already smashed them earlier this year so I don’t want to watch that again.

By the way, right now Oklahoma is completely annihilating Texas Tech.

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  1. Darion

    I’m sorry but all I have to say to this post is…

    ROLL TIDE!!!

    Texas Tech just got ROCKED by Oklahoma. I’m pretty happy to see that. Florida looks tough though. Hopefully Alabama pulls through. It will be a good #1 Bama vs. #2 Florida in the SEC Championship, right before the National Championship.

  2. thegoodofthegame

    From one Penn Stater to another, I agree. Bowman is definitely underrated. But this year (along with 2005) should go down as another example of how the game has NOT passed by Joe Paterno.

    I’m so sick of hearing about people calling for his retirement. He’s earned the right, for better or for worse, to decide when he goes. Period. End of story.

    Do you go to Penn State? I do.

  3. hardballblog

    I wanted to go to Penn State for a very long time. I know some people that go there now. I wanted to go but after doing the research in my college search I realized it just isn’t the education I’m looking for. It is a great school but it just isn’t for me. It was really disappointing but I’m just doing whats best for me.

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