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The Braves need to make a move on Peavy. The Cubs have apparently found a third team to help snag him. Lou Piniella said they don’t need him but that doesn’t mean they won’t get him anyway. Wren, stop playing hard to get and just give in to it. Playing hard to get seems cool but it will get the Braves smashed by the rest of the National League next year.

Jake Peavy

Ok everybody, now hear me out. I have the solution to every need the Braves have. First, trade Yunel Escobar, Gorkys Hernandez, Charlie Morton, Blaine Boyer and Jeff Locke for Peavy. It is a lot but the Braves can handle it. Escobar is the cherry on top while the Padres have all their needs filled. Morton and Boyer are both major league ready pitchers while Locke has tremendous potential. Hernandez is their major league ready center fielder. That is exactly what they want. Change the deal a little if it is needed. Do whatever it takes.

Rafael FurcalNext, sign Rafael Furcal. He wants to come back to the Braves and Atlanta would need to replace the recently traded Escobar. This would also give the Braves speed at the top of the lineup while keeping the defense at shortstop. Anyone else remember how Furcal is a switch hitter? Yea, he is good stuff.

Next up, trade for Jermaine Dye. Atlanta has more than a surplus of pitching prospects. The White Sox apparently are looking for pitching, well the Braves have it. As long as the Braves have Tommy Hanson in the end, Atlanta will be fine.

Finally, sign A.J. Burnett. Give him either his 5 years or if he will accept, 4 with a player option. Atlanta would have added Jake Peavy, Rafael Furcal and Jermaine Dye. That creates an ace at the top so Burnett could be the 2nd guy. It also creates a stronger lineup to give him run support. Chipper Jones is a big fan so it would all fit. Don’t worry about him getting hurt, it won’t be worse than Mike Hampton so you will get over it.

Atlanta would have a great lineup while still having their top three prospects. I haven’t done the math but I’m pretty sure Atlanta has more than enough money. If they have some cash left over, use it to give Jurrjens a long term contract. Keep that kid locked up as long as possible.

Just imagine a Jake Peavy, A.J. Burnett, Jair Jurrjens rotation. Oh yea, the Braves get Tim Hudson back later in the season for an added boost. Furcal was always a great guy in the clubhouse and Jermaine Dye would provide that power outfielder the Braves have been looking for. If Wren does this and it falls through I will take all the blame. I really just want this to be done.

Stop messing around Wren, this is ridiculous.




    As nice as all of that sounds, its never going to happen. Thats talking about spending around 60 million this offseason (which the Braves don’t have) and giving up half of our top prospects. And the disaster that could be looming with that: Jake Peavy’s elbow really is a problem and goes down with TJ surgery; Rafael Furcal’s back just isn’t as healthy as it needs to be, he spends time on the DL; AJ gets injured somewhere along the line (he is somewhat of an injury prone player); And Jermaine Dye declines in age. Then we end up with this roster:
    2B: Johnson
    SS: Lillibridge/Infante/Prado
    OF: Frenchy, Blanco, Diaz
    SP: Jurjenns, Campillo, JoJo, Hanson, ?

    and the minors are empty.

    That scares me a little

  2. hardballblog

    Atlanta would still have Tommy Hanson, Jason Heyward, Freddie Freeman and Tyler Flowers. All their best prospects. Dye would be acquired with pitching prospects. Dye would play before Heyward is ready then Heyward would step in. Also, Atlanta has a surplus of pitching, they have more than enough to get things done and have something left over. The Braves will have to go outside the team for another shortstop anyway because Lillibridge is not ready. That is nothing new. Do you really think the Braves will win without Chipper? Who will play in his spot. That is what should scare you. He is the best hitter and leader of the team.

  3. thegoodofthegame

    On paper, that sounds like a great idea and I agree with your plan on pitching. Here’s something I’d like to point out, though…

    Jermaine Dye and Rafael Furcal came up through the Braves farm system, as did Chipper Jones, Brian McCann and Jeff Franceour, the three best braves hitters right now. I don’t think this is a coincidence. The Braves have one of, if not the best, farm systems in the majors. I think trading away all the talent you suggest for two maybe three years of being competitive isn’t worth it in the long run.

    Look at what happened with the Yankees. They started trading away all kinds of prospects in the hopes of buying a championship and weren’t able to do so. They haven’t really had a solid prospect turn into something since Derek Jeter.

    Trust the farm system that produced these great players. It’ll work out in time. Just be patient.

  4. thegoodofthegame

    Appreciate you returning the favor. I’m a closet Braves fan too. I met Chipper down in Florida where he’s from. Great guy, down to earth. My ultimate dream golfing foursome is:

    Chipper Jones – Tiger Woods – My Pop-Pop

    Still waiting for my calls to be returned.

  5. Darion

    goldenglove002- Stop being so negative. For all we know JJ could get Tommy John Surgery. We are well prepared for everything and our depth is fine. Plus we haven to take chances sometimes.
    Anyways… Ben… I have almost the same lineup except I included Vazquez and Andruw through trade. Andruw isn’t likely but Vaz is. We have plenty trade pieces, Diaz, Thorman, Blanco, Lillibridge, Brandon Jones, and a lot of prospects. We will either have a decent offseason or a great offseason. We will NOT just sit around and not make trades. We will do something.

  6. Elizabeth D.

    Good idea for trading for Peavy, other stories I’ve heard regarding a trade with the Cubs and another team leave the Padres hardly getting anything, but them giving up their star pitcher. With the trade you’ve suggested, the Padres get all their needs filled as you said.
    Then again, maybe you should just settle for a couple of the people you want, and keep some prospects. That way you have some big names who can win games or produce runs and some prospects for the years to come.

  7. Grant McAuley

    Don’t get too impatient, the Winter Meetings are just around the corner. I’m all for Wren weighing his options and taking calculated steps. That Peavy deal is going to happen I feel, just a matter of time and Towers realizing that other teams are not going to simply overpay them in prospects to get Peavy. And nor should the Braves. Towers really has turned that trading scenario into a complete debacle. It makes me cringe to watch the Braves trade away five players for one (again), but at least Peavy will be under congract (unlike Teixeira). But then there’s alot riding on that right elbow all of a sudden.

  8. wisbrave

    I’ve been checking on different blogs, rumors and what ever else that I can come across and I can not find anything that is realistic or better than what the Braves have offered. The cubs are short on money and have class A free agent Wood to offer arbitration to. If they don’t they won’t get the Draft picks. Wood will most likely take arbitration if it is offered to him, which will defiantly leave them with less money to fit Peavys contract. Even with the O’s it is very unlikely in my opinion.

    Then as the winter meetings start up Towers is going to drag Angels into this mess as much as he can for more competition. Cubs even with a third team will be out matched for the Angels or the Braves. Towers will try to start up talks with the Braves again to match against the Angels. If Angels lose out on getting C.C. then they might be competition for Peavy, but if they sign C.C. that will leave just the Braves as the only realistic option for the Padres.

    Then if Towers drags this out till the F.A market dries up the Padres are really going to get screwed on this deal because the Braves will change their offer.

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