Bravos Dropped The Ball

Atlanta dropped the ball on Mike Hampton. Earlier today Hampton signed with the Astros. You can read it here.

Mike HamptonHampton pitched well when he finally came back to Atlanta’s rotation. He pitched in 13 games for a total of 78 innings while holding a 4.85 ERA. Realistically that isn’t bad for someone who hadn’t faced real batters for over 3 years.

Hampton could have been a solid back of the rotation pitcher for the Braves. Houston signed him for 2 million. I think that is a darn good bargain for someone who could possibly win you 10 or 12 games. He can also earn another 2 million in incentives which I find to be fair.

I really don’t see why the Braves didn’t act faster. Even if Atlanta signs A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe, Hampton could be the 5th starter or even pitch in long relief. That doesn’t sound too bad to me. This is just one more incident where Wren did not act fast enough.

Atlanta had interest in Ryan Dempster before he re-signed with the Cubs. I really doubted that Dempster would sign anywhere else besides Chicago but I don’t even think Wren offered him a contract of any sort. The least he could of done is try.

Wren also missed out on Junichi Tazawa. Tazawa was offered a contract but obviously it wasn’t enough. If the Braves want to compete this year Wren needs to show me the money. Or, well, the players the money. Whatever. Wren needs to step his game up before all the free agents pass him by and the Braves are left with nothing.




  1. Darion

    Dempster and Tazawa weren’t Wren’s fault. They both had other teams in mind anyway. Hampton wanted to pitch for the Astros to be close to his family so I don’t think we can blame Wren on that one ether. Peavy and Wren are different situations. We NEED not want NEED THEM. We at the very least need to get one of them. Sheets, Lowe, and Garland would be other options that would help. We really need to try to get a deal done with the ChiSox for Dye and Vazquez. We have enough prospects for them and Peavy, and we still wouldn’t hurt the farm too much. It looks like part of my prediction is already right. I said Hampton would sign somewhere else.

  2. Elizabeth D.

    Initially I was surprised that Tazawa didn’t sign with the highest bidding team… I guess it shows how big Dice-K is in Japan. As a Sox fan, I’m glad he signed though. Sorry to hear about Hampton… like you said, he probably would’ve made a good fifth starter or something, or long relief (always good).

  3. thegoodofthegame

    The Braves dropped the ball on Hampton the day they signed him. The biggest waste of $15+ million in the history of baseball. The upside was good, I guess, but all the good stuff in the world doesn’t do any good if he can’t get on the hill. You’re better off without him. Use the money to sign someone better who will pitch more than 13 games in 3 years.

  4. Luke Goddard

    Ben, I’m beginning to worry about our GM, Frank Wren. He seems to have a little too much pride. Let’s face it the Braves are desperate for help. I’m not saying Wren needs to appear desperate in the Winter meetings because that will diminish his air of professionalism. However, I think he needs to go back on his word and chase down Peavy…offering whatever it takes….except Hanson. He has to stay. Like you’ve said on a variety of responses to others’ blogs, the Braves have too deep of a farm system to be timid with their talks.

    Wren has to step it up and start making some bold moves…. like you said, we should at least TRY!

    I have seen NOTHING from Wren this whole off-season, which is starting to wear on me.

  5. Jane Heller

    Sorry about Hampton, but sounds like Scott’s right and the Braves can do better. Maybe they’ll re-start talks for Peavy? All I know is that pitchers are running the show this off-season. Most teams seems to be hungry for them. I know my Yankees are.

  6. PWHjort

    The Braves DID offer Mike Hampton a deal. Bigger than what the Astros offered. He wants to pitch near his kids in Phoenix. Scott, the Braves didn’t SIGN Mike Hampton, they traded for him. He put up excellent numbers for the Braves in 2003 and 2004. I am very glad Wren hasn’t gone and done anything stupid like trading away our farm for Peavy. I’m impressed with how Wren has handled this off-season. However, he needs to sign A.J. Burnett for the sake of now and the future. I’ll feel a lot better about the Braves if we get Burnett signed.

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