I Am Not A Happy Camper

The past two days have been extremely frustrating for me. I, an Atlanta Braves fan, has sat around while my team does nothing and other teams sign the best players. I won’t name those other teams but I will say they rhyme with Spankees and Bets.

CC Sabathia

First, C.C. Sabathia, you may have heard of him. He is going to be a very, very rich man. He can start picking out a $40 Million mansion now because he is going to rolling in the dough. His contract is completely ridiculous. Sabathia is going to be the highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball. Does he deserve it? No. Will he get it? Hell yes. With the aid of my handy dandy calculator his new contract will be worth $23 Million per year. Yes, that is roughly $22.96 Million more than you make per year.

Francisco RodriguezThat Francisco Rodriguez guy also signed with one of those before mentioned teams I am not happy with. He signed for 3 years which means that is 3 years of knowing my team has almost no chance or rallying in the 9th inning. He kinda had 62 saves last year but I doubt he will get anything close to that in New York. The Angels were a small ball team that was perfect for someone rack up saves like he did. I really doubt we will see anything else like a 62 save season anytime soon.

While those signings were going on my Atlanta Braves were having “talks” with A.J. Burnett. Did they sign him? No. Does it look like they will? No. The “evil empire”, you all know who I speak of, look like they will go after him too. Basically this means the Braves have close to a zero percent chance of singing him. The only reason I can see him coming to Atlanta is that they offer a guaranteed 5th year while the “evil empire” doesn’t.

Jake PeavyFrank Wren really needs to make a big push for Burnett or return to the Peavy sweepstakes. I really don’t think there is another option out there that can get the Braves to the playoffs. I mean, come on, Atlanta’s back up plan is Randy Wolf. Please, that is a disaster waiting to happen. Wolf is a 4 or 5 starter at best. He is not a reliable backup plan.

Peavy may come at a high price but so does winning. If he waits around too long there won’t even be Randy Wolf left. I also don’t think the whole Zack Greinke for Jeff Francoeur idea is a great one. Greinke was pretty good for a really, really, really bad Kansas City team but that doesn’t mean he will be great in Atlanta. Francoeur just had a down year and I believe he will rebound and do just fine this year. Even if he had trouble at the plate he still played Gold Glove defense which is more than you can say about most players. Francoeur has tremendous potential. I mean, he does hit baseball to little kids across the globe.

Wren needs to make some moves soon before the rest of the free agents have signed with the Mets or Yankees. If Atlanta wants to compete this year something needs to be done!




  1. Elizabeth D.

    I swear if the Yankees get Burnett, I might cry… maybe. How is it far for them to get him as well?! You guys offered him a deal first didn’t you?? Five years and everything, just like he asked! Let’s spread the weatlh!!! Some socialism is okay :). And don’t worry too much about K-Rod, he’s overrated in my opinion, and he blew a few saves in the postseason. Also, I agree with you on Sabathia. He does not deserve that much.

  2. Darion

    Thanks for the comment and I totally agree with you! These last few days have really hurt our season. K-Rod and Putz becoming Mets while the Yankees are giving extra millions to money to whoever agrees to play on their team. I remember that Frenchy commercial use to come on all the time, until Francoeur couldn’t hit a 20 MPH ball.
    “With the aid of my handy dandy calculator his new contract will be worth $23 Million per year. Yes, that is roughly $22.96 Million more than you make per year.”- Hilarious and so true.
    The Braves need to steep it up unless we want to finish close to where the Marlins and/or the Nationals end up next year.

  3. hardballblog

    Yea, it looks like the Red Sox are looking at Smoltz. I honestly if he can pitch he will return to the Braves. If the Braves pass up on one of their greatest pitchers ever obviously something is wrong with him. I think other teams would see that as a red flag and back off also. In the end, I just want Smoltz to be happy. It is so easy to think for the team which I do but I really just want Smoltz to be happy. He has done so much for the Braves over the years that he deserves to do what he wants. If it means leaving the Braves for Boston or Detroit, so be it. I just hope he lives a happy life with no regrets. And to Darion, yea the Braves can quickly turn into the Marlins or Nationals if they don’t land someone really quick.

  4. indianslove

    I am kind of tired of the Yankees getting everything
    they want. No offense AT ALL to any Yankees fans, trust
    me. Thats not what I want to happen..but we had C.C first,
    and then we decided for whatever reason to trade him. I miss
    him, but it was OK, until he went to the Yankees, ALL for the money! I dont understand why he did that, I thought us Indians
    formed him better than that. I miss him so much. D:

  5. thegoodofthegame

    Worry not. We have such short memories as baseball fans, don’t we? The Spankees have been doing this since the turn of the century and how many championships have they won? zero, zilch, nada, goose egg. For just under $250 million, who have they signed? A guy who has spent much of the last three years on the DL with arm problems and a lefty who falls apart in the playoffs.

    The Spanks need to realize that you can’t buy championships anymore, nor can you buy a team. I wish Spankee fans all the luck finding the money to pay for the tickets that pay the salaries of these guys along with a $1.6 billion dollar stadium.


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