Roster Game

I got the idea from Scott over at The Good of the Game. Basically you put together a roster of players and try to keep the salary below $100MM. I made up my 25 man roster that includes:

C. Brian McCann – .301 BA, 23 HR, 87 RBI ~ $966,000

C. Geovany Soto – .285 BA, 23 HR, 86 RBI ~ $401,000

C. Jose Molina – .216 BA, 3 HR, 18 RBI ~ $1,875,000

1B. Prince Fielder – .276 BA, 34 HR, 102 RBI ~ $670,000

2B. Ian Kinsler – .319 BA, 18 HR, 71 RBI ~ $700,000

3B. Kevin Youkilis – .312 BA, 29 HR, 115 RBI ~ $3,000,000

SS. Hanley Ramirez – .301 BA, 33 HR, 67 RBI, 35 SB ~ $439,000

LF. Ryan Braun – .285 BA, 37 HR, 106 RBI ~ $435,000

CF. Grady Sizemore – .286 BA, 33  HR, 90 RBI, 38 SB ~ $3,166,666

RF. Josh Hamilton – .304 BA, 32 HR, 130 RBI ~ $396,000

SP. Cliff Lee – 2.54 ERA, 22-3, 170 SO ~ $4,000,000

SP. Tim Lincecum – 2.62 ERA, 18-5, 265 SO ~ $405,000

SP. Jon Lester – 3.21 ERA, 16-6, 152 SO ~ $421,000

SP. Justin Verlander – 4.84 ERA, 11-17, 163 SO ~ $1,130,000

SP. Cole Hamels – 3.08 ERA, 14-10, 196 SO ~ $500,000


IF. Chone Figgins – .276 BA, 1 HR, 22 RBI, 34 SB ~ $4,750,000

IF. Mark DeRosa – .285 BA, 21 HR, 87 RBI ~ $4,750,000

OF. Nate McLouth – .276 BA, 26 HR, 94 RBI ~ $425,000

OF. Jacoby Ellsbury – .280 BA, 9 HR, 47 RBI, 50 SB ~ $406,000


C. Jonathan Papelbon – 2.34 ERA, 41 SV, 77 SO ~ $775,000

SU. Mike Gonzalez – 4.28 ERA, 14 SV, 44 SO ~ $2,367,500

RHP. Joakim Soria – 1.60 ERA, 42 SV, 66 S0 ~ $426,000

RHP. Bobby Jenks – 2.63 ERA, 30 SV, 36 SO ~ $550,000

RHP. Jose Valverde – 3.38 ERA, 44 SV, 83 SO ~ $4,700,000

LHP. George Sherrill – 4.73 ERA, 31 SV, 50 S0 ~ $980,000

Grand Total : $38, 634,832

Yup, I made a domination squad while spending less than $40MM. I think this team would win at least 120 games during the regular season. It has a balance of speed, average, and power. The starting rotation is staggered lefty, righty, lefty, righty, lefty. This will make it harder for the opposing team to game plan.

The bullpen also features 2 left handed pitchers in Mike Gonzalez who will set up Jon Papelbon and George Sherrill who would be the lefty specialist. Chone Figgins and Jacoby Ellsbury provide tremendous speed off the bench in case a base needs stolen. Mark DeRosa and Chone Figgins can both play 3B, 2B, LF, and RF. This gives the bench great versatility. Nate McLouth also provides above average defense and a great, left-handed bat off the bench. There are also at least 5 pitchers that can hit 98 MPH on the radar gun consistently.

Jose Molina is on the roster for defensive purposes if you were wondering. Verlander also has much more potential than his statistics shows which is why he is on the list. The fact that he can throw over 100 MPH consistently also helped his cause. Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee are the 2008 Cy Young winners of their respective leagues. This roster is not only built to win now, but for the future. Most of the salaries on here will sky rocket after last season but I used the ones from 2008, so you can too.

Here is the link to the salaries if you would like to play –




  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    What struck me in your list is that not one Blue Jay was on it. I’m not criticizing the list. It is just telling, as for a reason for the Blue Jay’s lack of success recently. They have not been able to get the needed value out of low-priced talent that other teams get. I hoping prospect Travis Snider will be one of those guys.

  2. hardballblog

    Sorry about the Jays thing. I actually made an attempt to get as many teams involved as possible while still putting out a strong team. I contemplated adding Halladay but I chose not to. I know I had plenty of cap left over to make some serious upgrades but I just wanted to keep the players very affordable. I also thought about Rod Barajas as my third catcher but I chose Molina for his defense. Sorry about that.

  3. thegoodofthegame

    Sounds like a great team. If you could put your team up against my team (we’d have to flip a coin for Hamilton and Hamels), I think it would a be a great series.

    All I can say about your squad is that they’re very, very young. I tried to throw in some veteran type players in the mix but I’m kinda old school. You do have six rings on your team (mostly Red Sox) and look at the Rays in 2008, they had no playoff experience and a rookie batting cleanup, but they made it to the World Series. That’s the beauty of baseball.

    Nice work. Keep this game moving!
    “The Inventor”

  4. hardballblog

    Yea, my team is very young, but that was what I was going for. Mark DeRosa and Chone Figgins have been around a while so they can provide veteran leadership off the bench, while Youkilis has been to the Series a few times along with Papelbon. Experience is great but I think that amount of talent wouldn’t have any trouble winning the World Series.

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