Happy Holidays

I just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone and I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I hope everything you wished for is under your tree and you have a great time with your family. We all know some people got everything they wanted and more, cough, cough Yankees, cough. Just remember that the holidays are about spending time with your family and loving life, not presents. Presents are great and all, but family is better.

Will OhmanWhat do I want for the holidays you ask? The Braves to not suck next season. They may not land any big names like Derek Lowe or Pat Burrell and Adam Dunn, but I think they can get some mid level guys that will contribute to the team.

I think signing Will Ohman would be a great piece to have come back. He isn’t Brian Fuentes but he is going to come a lot cheaper if they sign him before Fuentes lands somewhere else. Ohman was great last year as a lefty out of the bullpen and I think the Braves need to bring him back.

Ohman will be a solid piece to help anchor down the bullpen which I believe is the strength of the team. Mike Gonzalez is an excellent closer and Rafael Soriano is another closer caliber pitcher that will set up Gonzalez.

Peter Moylan is a great right handed pitcher that I think will come back from elbow surgery and dominate again. The Braves will have 3 players that could close on a lot of teams and that is their strength. Blaine Boyer is also a solid reliever but was just overworked to the point where his game suffered greatly. I think this boils back down to the weak starting pitching last year.

The starting pitching issue I think can be somewhat solved with Jon Garland. I know, I know, he isn’t a great pitcher with a sub 3 ERA. What he does do is eat innings and keep the team in the game. That is what the Braves need. Garland and Javier Vazquez will night in and night out go and throw 6 or 7 solid innings so when the bullpen does need to be used they are fresh and on top of their game.

Tommy  HansonThe Braves have some young talent like Charlie Morton and Tommy Hanson. They are going to stumble in games and need the bullpen to bail them out. That bullpen will be fresh after they get a few days off after Vazquez and Garland pitch. Morton pitched hurt most of the season which caused a lot of his bad numbers. Hanson has been dominant but we cannot count on him to do the same at the major league level. If we do we are setting ourselves up for disaster, again. 

We counted on Kyle Davies, Chuck James, and Jo-Jo Reyes to come in and dominate and it bite us in the butts.

I honestly don’t think the Braves will win the World Series next year. I don’t think they will make the playoffs. I hope they do, more than anything. But unless Atlanta lands a few more players and plays out of their minds it doesn’t look good. The Cubs, Mets, Phillies, and Dodgers are all going to be really good. So that means the Braves have to be better. Hopefully they can at least make it competitive.

Be safe and happy holidays,



  1. tjsportsnut7

    I know what you mean by a miracle. The Diamondbacks aren’t even going to be competitive at ALL with the Dodgers. We’ve got a lousy second baseman and no offense what so ever. Here’s to making both of our “out there” wishes come true.

    Happy Holidays,


  2. PWHjort

    You have a loose definition of “excellent closer”. Gonzalez is a great pitcher, but he’s nowhere near the same conversation as Mariano Rivera, Jonathan Papelbon, Joe Nathan, Joakim Soria, K-Rod, Trevor Hoffman, Kerry Wood, Brad Lidge, Francisco Cordero, Jose Valverde, Brian Fuentes, Brian Wilson, Bobby Jenks, or B. J. Ryan. He ranks probably middle of the pack closer-wise. A good asset, but not a shut-down closer like Soria, Nathan, Rivera, or Papelbon.

  3. mlbmark

    Hi, not sure what your issue is with the Dashboard. All I can do is tell you what I said in the post, as that is what was relayed to me by our I.T. department. It’s basically me here with an assistant who’s on holiday, and same applies to that tech support person. I am not hearing this reported by anyone else…all I know is to clear your cookies/cache. Sorry for the bad timing!


  4. hardballblog

    Mark, thank you very much for the response. I was just now able to access my dashboard. Hopefully I don’t have any more technical issues. Happy New Year to you too Grant. Thanks for stopping by. And amen to the movement. All that money is going to waste, spend some Wren! Thanks for the article wisbrave, and no worries about skimming too quick. I can’t hold it against you as I skim almost every piece of literature I read.

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