Ridiculous, that is what the Atlanta Braves are. This was an organization that prided itself on fielding a winning team year in and year out. It was an organization that treated it’s players with the utmost respect. That organization is long gone and I want it back.

John SmoltzThis off season has been a compete disaster from the word go. Jake Peavy slipped through Atlanta’s fingers, just as A.J. Burnett and Rafael Furcal would later do. Now John Smoltz, a guy who wanted to be a Brave for life has slipped through Atlanta’s fingers.

Smoltz basically begged the Braves to bring him back. Atlanta couldn’t even beat Boston‘s offer of $5MM guaranteed with incentives that could bring his contract up to $10MM. That is a load of bull if you ask me. The guy loved the Braves and the city of Atlanta. John Smoltz is one of a very select few that can be called a true Atlanta Brave.

Smoltz is one of the greatest to ever put on an Atlanta Braves’ uniform and I always imagined him going out with a complete game shutout in the World Series. I mean, he is arguably the greatest playoff pitcher ever. Instead he goes out as a free agent that was thrown aside by the team that he served so well over the years.

John Smoltz

He had a menacing stare and a mischievous smile that was hard to like. He was a jokster in the clubhouse, a saint in the community, and a warrior on the ball field. But he was tossed aside as if he was a 20 year old rookie who couldn’t quite cut it. I’m sick to my stomach from watching a first ballot Hall of Famer be handled this badly. Not just a first ballot Hall of Famer, but a great human being that deserved to be resigned as much as any player.

John SmoltzI had assumed through this whole thing that if there was anyway possible that Smoltz could take the field and be productive the Braves would resign him. Well I was dead wrong. I know that he is a big question mark. He is over 40 and is coming off of major shoulder surgery. But the key fact you are missing is that he is John freaking Smoltz. The man is a physical freak that can defy age and health like he is was a direct descendant of Hercules himself.

The Red Sox are obviously a storied franchise that doesn’t exactly take crazy risks and sign players just for the heck of it. Boston is trying to build a winning team and they felt that Smoltz could be part of that. Some how the Braves missed that and decided to offer him basically nothing or let him go. Shame, shame Atlanta, you guys are pathetic. Step your game up before the rest of the NL East completely tramples your crappy team.

Atlanta’s front office talked of great things this off season, I have seen nothing even close to great. They won’t trade prospects, they won’t pay the superstars, and now they won’t bring back a Hall of Famer that was loved by ever damn person in the city of Atlanta. It sounds to me like the Braves don’t want to win. Please Ted Turner, buy the team back becasue they are headed in a horrible direction. Personally, I don’t know if I want to be a part of it. This is coming from a guy who if you cut him open, he would bleed Atlanta’s colors year round. Year freakin’ round.

Over and out,



  1. Elizabeth D.

    Atlanta has come so close to some great signings! Sorry it hasn’t worked out, I was really appalled at the Rafael Furcal situation. Is Boras his agent? Because right now I’m absolutely furious with Boras! I hope this entire situation doesn’t happen to Varitek. Because I’m sure you couldn’t imagine Smoltz outside of a Braves uniform, hell it’s hard for me! And I can’t imagine Varitek outside of a Red Sox uniform. I’m scared.

  2. Kaybee

    The Braves sound exactly like the Padres. We just tossed a Hall of Famer who had been here for 15 years. I am not happy. The Braves and the Padres are doing practically the same thing this offseason. It’s pretty sad.

  3. wisbrave

    Here’s some comments from Chipper:


    Even if wren adds the right pieces for us to contend and take over the NL East again it is going to seem empty without Smoltz. Will he come back to Atlanta in 2010 if he decides to play another year or join the broadcast both like he was planning after he retired? I expected Braves to offer him 4-6 mil plus incentives. If he couldn’t make it back then we would be out 4-6 mil but we would left with a guy that would work with the young talent and stay with the organization whether it was as a coach or broadcaster and the team moral would still be positive.

    This has shaken the moral of the fans and the club house. They have Chipper questioning his future with the braves, why haven’t they made him an extension offer yet?

    If I could ask Wren one question it would be: Whats the price of moral going for these days? I’m sure the price is up there with team chemistry and that can’t be bought.

    In the end I’ll still be a braves fan just a very disappointed one.

  4. prosenivy

    I’m all for any blog that calls the Braves a ‘crappy team’. Letting go of Smoltz is ‘ridiculous’, couldn’t agree more. All the more evidence this year’s NL EAST race will come down to Phillies/Mets again. Hope they enjoyed those 14 years in a row winning the division because any resemblance of that type of organizational success is going to fade away very quickly with these types of poor decisions year in and year out. Of course, I am a Cubs fan so it doesn’t effect me directly although I’d say we benefit with another NL team becoming weaker for ’09. Sorry to hear about Smoltz to all you Braves fans. Always hard to swallow when something like this happens.

    Prose and Ivy

  5. hardballblog

    The Braves don’t really have a crappy team but it got my point across. Right now they are mediocre at best. They have less than average starting pitching, a strong bullpen, and a weak outfield. Adding another starter and a power bat would get them in the company of the Mets and Phillies, but those two pieces are huge right now. Derek Lowe and Xavier Nady could be those guys. Jeff Francoeur will also need to play to his potential for Atlanta to succeed this year.

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