Braves Land Kawakami

Kenshin KawakamiFinally, Atlanta was able to add another pitcher, Kenshin Kawakami. He isn’t Derek Lowe, but he could end up being a solid 3 or 4 starter in the rotation. He was inked to a 3-year deal and should be in Atlanta for his physical on Monday. The official announcement could be made Monday or Tuesday.

I haven’t seen a value on the contract, but I hope it is reasonable. Everyone knows the Braves are desperate and may be willing to over pay. They may have to to land Derek Lowe, but it would be well worth it at this point. They need Lowe badly. Some how I have a feeling that his agent Scott Boras is well aware of the desperation and will use it to his full advantage. Boras will milk the Braves for every penny he can before having his client sign anything.

 Boras is great for the players, but bad for baseball. Just the name Scott Boras turns teams away from players because they know if they become a free agent they will most likely land in New York, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

After watching the video I’m impressed by Kawakami’s stuff. I’m not blown away, but impressed. I like that he doesn’t have a crazy windup as that kind of thing always annoyed me. He looks like he can change speeds well as well as work the corners. I’m really digging that big curve ball. Nowadays you see pitchers opt for the slider as it is easier to learn than that big, looping curve. Nice pick up for Atlanta. They just need a few more pieces to put it all together.

Now Atlanta needs to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Derek Lowe. I know it will take that much to lure him to Atlanta. He can easily opt for less money and go back to Boston or jump on the Yankee bandwagon along with Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett. After all, his agent is Scott Boras, anything can happen when that man is pulling the strings.




  1. Amazin86er

    I think Derek Lowe is already being fitted for a Brave uniform. For one thing I do not think he has any interest in playing in New York and another thing is that the Mets are not going to offer an acceptable deal that would entice him to go to New York. The Mets have over-played their hand in negotiations for a starting pitcher and are going to be left wth over-paying for Oliver Perez or signing Randy Wolf and having a below average starting staff. Unless something changes drastically in the Mets upper management’s thinking then this could turn out awful for the Mets. As I have wrote about a lot this offseason the Mets will never go all the way concerning the offseason, they always have “big ifs” going into a season instead of a solid all-around roster.

  2. hardballblog

    It does look as though the Braves may land Lowe. But I don’t want to speak prematurely and look like an idiot. Anything can happen. And yes, that video was skewed to make him look incredible and I realize that. He did look good though. You are going to get pitches like that from him some of the time so that will be good. Scott Boras is by far the best agent in the business for players. But he is the worst for small to mid market teams and I think baseball as a whole. It seems every client he has lands in only a handful of markets that can afford them. His clients never seem to give a home town discount or take a pay cut of any kind. Not good at all.

  3. bosoxrockx

    I might be a red sox fan that sometimes ends up on the positive end of Boras’ cheapness, but i definently agree with you on Boras he is such a dick. It makes me sad to think of how awful he is to small market teams… I wouldn’t feel right being a fan of such a high payroll team if it weren’t for the fact the sox have to play the friggin yanks 18 times a year 😦
    anyways, i’m sorry you guys lost smoltz, not a whole lot of consolation since i like the team that got him (: , but i know that would have to really sting
    and congrats on getting kawakami, sorry if my c0mment is kinda long lol

  4. Grant McAuley

    Kawakami is a solid signing for some depth in the rotation and, while not as exciting or young as Dice-K, he should be a nice fit. I’d love to see Lowe decide on Atlanta, but after the way things have gone this off-season, I’m certainly tempering my expectations.

  5. wisbrave

    Here’s some more history on Kenshin Kawakami, the main reason I wanted to post this is that no one has pointed out his gold gloves only his stats. I found a article a month ago with a the scout saying that the way he plays the field reminds him of Maddux but, I can’t seem to find it again. He will be a great addition to the team and hopefully will open a door for more talent in the future from Japan.

    Lowe 4-60mill offer from the braves:

    Here’s an article on Frank Wren since everyone thinks he is such a hot topic.

  6. Elizabeth D.

    The Braves made an offer to Lowe didn’t they? For pretty much exactly what he wants? Nice pickups! If you can get Kawakami and Lowe, that’d be amazing! Also, Michael Young might be on the market too–not sure if you’re in the market for short stops but never hurts to look!

  7. thegoodofthegame

    Atlanta always seems to find someone to fill the spot, whether it comes from the minors, another team or Japan. I have faith in the Braves’ scouting office to know what a player is really capable of.

    Nice pickup of Derek Lowe, by the way. I was really hoping the Phils would pick him up but I can get behind him in Atlanta.

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