Welcome To Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta Derek Lowe. Welcome to a winning tradition and a great clubhouse. You will not be disappointed.

Derek LoweI am ecstatic that the Braves signed Derek Lowe. He was their last option to try and salvage a disastrous off season. Atlanta signed him to a 4-year deal worth $60MM. A little more than I would like but the Braves ran their way into a corner. Frank Wren couldn’t trade for Jake Peavy, couldn’t sign A.J. Burnett, and couldn’t sign Rafael Furcal.

When the off season looked like a complete failure Wren pulled some moves out of his bag and made the Braves contenders. He signed Kenshin Kawakami and Derek Lowe to bolster the staff. He signed Greg Norton and Omar Infante to come off the bench. And don’t forget about the trade for Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan.

Now Atlanta needs to try and add a power bat to put in between Chipper Jones and Brian McCann. I think that guy could be Xavier Nady. The Braves had interest at the break last year but the Pirates opted to trade him to the Yankees. The only problem is that Nady happens to be a Scott Boras client so come next off season when he is a free agent he is going to want him money.

Xavier NadyI’m actually not even worried about trading some prospects and potentially losing Nady in the off season. The Braves have Jason Heyward who is making great strides in the minors and could be major league ready for the 2010 season. The kid can flat out mash the ball and he has good speed to boot. He is also turning out to be an above average defender so I am definitely looking forward to seeing him in 2010.

Jeff FrancoeurI know the Braves want to land Nady, but maybe the solution to the power drought is already on the team. Remember that Jeff Francoeur guy? He had one down year and is still only 24 years old. Last time I checked he still had a good 2 or 3 years before he is even supposed to hit his prime. Give the kid some time.

Every Atlanta fan and most other fans know he has the potential to provide a ton of power, hit for average, play Gold Glove defense, and maybe steal 10-15 bases. If he can just stop the free swinging and be more disciplined I think things will turn around for him. You can’t swing at 9 out of 10 pitches and expect to see anything worth hitting.

If the Braves can add a bat or Francoeur can turn things around I would not write them off of winning the division. The Phillies may have won the World Series but that just means everyone is going to be gunning for them. And everyone already guns for the Mets just because, well, they play in New York.

NFL Picks

Philadelphia 24 Arizona 27

Baltimore 10 Pittsburgh 21




  1. hardballblog

    Haha, it ‘s ok. I just think the Ravens are going to be tired and may not be able to hang with the Steelers who’s offense is running on all cylinders right now.

  2. Kaybee

    I’m very glad that you guys got Derek Lowe. 1) you guys have been like the Padres so it’s great that you’ve got at least one new great player, and 2) for selfish reasons, hopefully you won’t be pursuing Jake anymore! 🙂

  3. thegoodofthegame

    I actually like the move better than Burnett. There has been a lot of ‘hype’ work this off-season and while I think Burnett’s stuff is nasty, his history of injury and falling off in the second half can’t be ignored.
    Lowe is a work horse who can stay out on the mound every fifth day, and with the injury to Hudson still looming, that’s something Hot-lanta needs. It’s going to be an interesting year in the NL East.
    By the way:
    Eagles 24 – Cardinals 13
    Steelers 17 – Ravens 10
    It’s going to be an ALL-PA TURNPIKE BOWL!

  4. Los

    Yes getting Lowe is much better than Burnett because he is not as expensive and he is more durable. Also nice word choice in ecstatic. haha. I like when people have extensive vocabularies. I think Frank Wren deserves more credit than he is getting. Look at what he has done for our rotation with Vazquez, Lowe, and Kawakami. Three durable pitchers, i am not complaining at all. Dont be surprised if we get a bat in left this month to.
    Steelers: 10 Baltimore: 3
    Eagles: 20 Arizona: 17
    Steelers win it all.


  5. Elizabeth D.

    Congrats on getting Lowe, sure I miss him, but I’m glad he’s in Atlanta. After the Furcal deal went badly, I was hoping you guys would get Lowe. Your pitching rotation doesn’t look half bad either. And I think that Nady would be a great pickup, except you have to deal with Scott Boras, the epitome of evil. I also think that Francoeur should be given another chance, and that guy in the minors sounds good– maybe I’ll stop by the Atlanta Spring Training center in Disney World to check him (and others) out.

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