Orlando to Atlanta?

Some recent headlines have mentioned that Orlando Hudson has drawn interest from the Atlanta Braves. Let’s break this idea down.

Orlando HudsonFirst, don’t the Braves already have a solid second baseman in Kelly Johnson? Yes they do, but Orlando Hudson could be an upgrade. Hudson is not that far removed from winning a Gold Glove and will also hit for a higher average. Johnson has the edge in power, but also racks up more strikeouts. Hudson missed time last year but his health issues should be finished if Atlanta is considering him.

Orlando Hudson would come at a significantly cheaper price tag than he first imagined at the beginning of free agency. Johnson would still be much cheaper but he has trade value that Atlanta could use in their attempt to acquire a power hitting left fielder such as Ryan Ludwick. The biggest advantage Hudson has is the batting average. As a second baseman he wouldn’t need to be relied upon for power numbers. Hudson had fewer strikeouts than Johnson, a higher OBP, and could have been better in home runs and walks had he played the entire season.

Ryan LudwickMoving Kelly Johnson to left field doesn’t seem like a great option. Johnson underwent Tommy John surgery and who knows how much is left in his arm. Second base isn’t exactly the best place to build up arm strength either.

The Cardinals have expressed interest in Kelly Johnson and packaging him with a minor league pitcher or two could land Ryan Ludwick. Ludwick would easily provide Atlanta’s outfield the much needed boost in offense that they have desperately been looking for. Pat Burrell could have been an option before he landed with Tampa Bay.

Ludwick strikes out more than what would be wanted but that comes with the territory of big power numbers. Ludwick would also come cheaply at less than $1MM next season. He is the big, right-handed bat Atlanta has been looking to sandwich in between Chipper Jones and Brian McCann. Jeff Francoeur can still be that player, but I don’t think the Braves want to take any chances and have him have another down season. Adding Ludwick could take pressure off of Francoeur and let him develop more out of the spotlight.



  1. Darion

    Ok Kelly was one of my favorite players before he got Tommy John Surgery. I would really love to see him remain a Brave, but I really would like to have Ludwick here in Atlanta. Ankiel for Kelly for me is a no. Many people forget that Kelly would probably not start next year regardless if we get another 2nd baseman because of Prado. We have plenty of depth at 2nd. I would like the idea of Hudson being a Brave, but we can get him once we figure out our outfield and Ohman problem.
    Kelly would be a good option for the outfield if we don’t get Dunn. Unless Dunn’s value drops to 2/15MM, then I am not interested. Right now, Ludwick would be the best option since Ankiel is a Boras agent and leaves next year, Dunn has a strikeout problem and a low batting average, Nady leaves next year, and Swisher is a cheaper version of Dunn with less RBIs, HRs, Walks, and Batting %, although he doesn’t strikeout as much and is better defensively.
    Anyway, if we can get Hudson for something like 2/12MM, then I say go for it, but make sure you get the outfield hole fixed IF we are going to get an outfield. Dye could be an option if he comes cheap as well. I would rather us not get an outfielder at all and just stick Kelly there than get Ankiel for Kelly, overpay Dunn, or put any top prospect in a trade.

  2. hardballblog

    I am totally against bringing in Adam Dunn. He is a slugger not a hitter. Sluggers just swing for the fences everytime and I hate that. If the Braves bring in Hudson I think that would allow them to trade for another outfielder. Hudson would come cheap and I think they could still afford to sign Ohman. If I had to make only one move I would sign Will Ohman. I think he would have the biggest value to the team.

  3. hardballblog

    To be honest if Adam Dunn would come at a low cost short term I still wouldn’t want him to be an Atlanta Brave. He walks up to the plate and swings has hard as he can everytime and will hit 35-40 home runs but he will also miss and look like a fool the rest of the time. I absolutely hate players like that and Adam Dunn is the worst out of all of them. He also plays below average defense and doesn’t bring any speed to the bases. I haven’t heard anything about him being a great guy in the clubhouse and he is left-handed. Atlanta really does need a right-handed bat. I want a ball player on my team, not a slugger. Adam Dunn is the slugger to end all sluggers. If Atlanta would sign him I would accept it but I wouldn’t be a happy camper at all. They can do much better.

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