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Off Season Moves

Well almost every Braves fan has heard the rumors about Jake Peavy coming to Atlanta. Let’s start praying because imagine the rotation, Peavy, Jurrjens, and Hudson. Maybe add Smoltz and Glavine in there.

Atlanta also has some cash left over, maybe A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe? That would be an incredible rotation. Best in the NL hands down, no contest.

I however think that Atlanta cannot trade away their biggest prospects. Everyone says they need a power hitting left fielder. What about Jason Heyward? He is in the system and apparently murders the ball. Give him a shot in spring training at least.

As the days pass I hate the Teixeira deal more and more. I don’t think Kotchman is the player the Braves want. Definitely give Freddie Freeman and Tyler Flowers a shot at first base in spring training.

Just to get something off my chest. People keep saying that Freeman, Flowers, Heyward, and Schafer need to develop more. Well do you know how players get better? THEY PLAY. Even if it is just a shot in spring training. It could do wonders for them. And for the people that say well it could seriously hurt them. Remember Rafael Furcal? He went from A to Rookie of the Year in 1 season. Last time I checked he was doing just fine.



Next Season

Looks pretty good Braves fans.

I think we can all admit that this year was well.. pathetic. The only real bright spot was Chipper getting the batting title.

think this is one of those years where the team is really bad and has a
break out year the next. If you look at what they can do in the off
season and what they have now, it looks good, really good.

the off season. I honestly don’t think they will get ever close to
getting C.C. Sabathia. They have the money to get him, but only him.
They have other needs besides a starting pitcher. I think Jon Garland
would be a nice fit. He eats innings and that is important for a very
young staff.

Derek Lowe would be a nice addition also. Jair
Jurrjens I believe is here to stay. He is the real deal. He pitched
great this year before he got tired at the end. A little conditioning
in the off season will fix that real quick. On the other hand Charlie
Morton has a ton of potential when you take into consideration he
played most of the season hurt. Then you have Jo-Jo Reyes. We should
start a campaign No-Mo Reyes. Jo-Jo Reyes should be shipped out. He has
had more opportunities than he deserves. If you can’t improve after 2
years then you don’t deserve a spot. I would rather see Thomas Hanson
thrown into the fire of the MLB early than watch Jo-Jo be embarrassed
by mediocre teams again.

When it comes to the position players
Atlanta is solid at almost all of them. Chipper has a few years left
and Escobar will be healthy. Once Casey Kotchman gets comfortable he
can do some damage, though I would like to see some more power. Your
first baseman shouldn’t be out slugged by a second baseman that hits
for contact(Kelly Johnson).

Johnson and Martin Prado could
both be dangled out on the trade market to try to fit some of their
needs. Although I don’t think the Braves need a power hitting left
fielder. They already have Jason Heyward in the minors. Why not use
him. I read great things about how he is like Ryan Howard but more
athletic. Prove it. The worst that can happen is he does terrible which
is basically what they got last year. Francoeur should be back to form
slugging homers and driving in runs. He sprinted into a mental brick
wall this year. He didn’t run into one, he sprinted into it. Full tilt,
head on. It got to the point where I almost hurt someone because he
struck out with the bases loaded.. for the third time that game. 

a good note I love how center field is up for grabs. Gregor Blanco,
Josh Anderson, and Jordan Schafer can battle for it. Whoever wins can
start, you have 1 backup and you can trade the other. Brandon Jones
could also be used as trade bait if needed. Brent Lillibridge I think
has been a complete bust. The kid can play some D but he cannot hit to
save his life. He is like Tony Pena Jr.,you can’t get the ball past him
on defense but he can’t hit.

I was all for the Lillibridge and
B. Jones for Jason Bay trade. I would love to see him come to Atlanta
but once again a noisy owner stepped in and messed it all up. I hate
guys like that, yes Hank Steinbrenner, I’m talking to you. Shut up and
let the guys play. It got old really quick.

I forgot to mention
that Brian McCann guy the Braves have. He isn’t bad either. He is only
on pace to be just as good as two of the greatest backstops to ever
play the game. Did I mention he is only like 24? It looks good for the
boys in Atlanta next year. Before they can get to spring training,
SPEND SOME MONEY. For once maybe a big time free agent will come
Atlanta’s way. Maybe.