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2009 World Series

Well it looks like the World Series is going to be a good one. Both teams look about evenly matched so this should go at least 6 games.

There has been great starting pitching in both games which is refreshing as the playoffs have turned into more of a slug fest. Both teams could definitely slug it out with anyone, but I think pitching will decide this series.

Tampa Bay by far has the deeper starting pitching while Philly has the advantage in the bullpen. If Tampa wants to win, Brad Lidge cannot enter the game. But if Philly wants to win, they have to score enough runs. Rollins and Howard have both been slumping badly, which doesn’t make things look to good.

Philly fans should be praying to the ran gods for a rain out so Hamels can come back as soon as possible. When Hamels isn’t pitching the Philly starters are more than just vulnerable. Brett Myers has zero constancy and Jamie Moyer is asking to be lit up. We will see how it goes as the series travels to Philly tonight.

National League Playoffs

So it’s final. I was completely wrong in my predictions. The Cubs decided to not play at all and got completely smashed by the Dodgers.

The Cubs should have destroyed the Dodgers with their offense and pitching. The vintage Cubs showed up and lost as usual. They dominate the regular season and when it matters they crumble under the pressure. Sorry Cubs fans but this is getting ridiculous.

As for the Milwaukee-Philly series, what the heck happened? After fighting from behind, trading away their future for a rent-a-player and firing their coach, the Brewers rolled over and got their butts kicked. C.C was amazing until the playoffs. It happens to some of the best but for as good as he was he should have thrown another complete game shutout.

Milwaukee’s offense was no where to be found. Philly has no starting pitching outside of Cole Hamels. Brett Myers has been inconsistent and Jamie Moyer’s own kids say he drives faster than he throws. Seriously, with Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun in the middle of the order you should see some serious runs.

The Cubs and the Brewers should have won those games. But they didn’t and that’s life. Philly will take on the Dodgers later this week. The Dodgers have so much momentum going into the series that they could easily be the Cinderella team. Everyone thinks the Rays are the Cinderella team but the Dodgers shouldn’t even be in the playoffs.

I think in the end Los Angeles will have to much momentum on their side and will make it to the World Series where they will be crushed by whoever the American League sends.