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The Truth About Steroids

Ok, I thought I would put my two cents in on the HGH subject.

Some Braves fans have had some words about Jordan Schafer who was suspended due to “suspected” HGH use. Braves minor league catcher Tyler Flowers has also been suspended but for a positive test.

Here is the real question, why do players take steroids?

Before you can answer that question you have to know what exactly steroids do. The biggest and most controversial steroid has been HGH. We all know it has been linked to Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Jason Giambi, and Rafael Palmeiro. Don’t forget that Jose Canseco guy either.

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. Basically it helps the player grow, gain muscle mass, or increase their metabolism. Increased growth makes sense for some of the younger players. Some players come up through the minor leagues and don’t quite make it because they are a little short, this would solve their problems.

NeedleNow for the muscle growth. Increased muscle mass is great, for football players. If you have a good amount of experience in baseball you know that the ideal player has lean muscle, not bulky. Baseball is more of a speed, not power game. What good is it if you are huge, but can’t run to first base under 10 seconds? It doesn’t make any sense.

Something else that people don’t realize is that HGH is used for injuries. HGH helps various injuries heal faster and get the player back onto the field. The player isn’t using it to get better, they are using it to get back on the field.

What this whole thing comes down to is that steroids don’t make you a better player. If you take steroids to gain muscle, you still have to be able to hit a 95 mph fastball in the first place. Adding muscle won’t help you hit any better. It may help you hit balls further, but you still have to be able to make contact in the first place. Andy Pettitte even said he used it to recover from an injury. 

Don’t get me wrong, steroid use is in no way right or ok in any case. It should be punished severely. I just want people to know that even if a player uses steroids it doesn’t mean all of his talent came from steroids. Jordan Schafer’s batting average jumped dramatically before he was suspended. Steroids can help you heal, get bigger, or gain muscle, they cannot however make you a better baseball player.

In the end it is just dumb for any player to use steroids. But please, don’t criticize a player without knowing all of the facts. I know steroids aren’t in any way ok, but don’t jump to conclusions without doing a little research.