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Braves end season with a loss, what’s new?

Is it just me, or are the other Braves fans scratching their heads
wondering what the heck happened? Atlanta went from a solid team to an
injury destroyed joke in about a month. I came into the season having
high hopes. Philly is overrated every year while the Mets will collapse
before they can clinch anything. Atlanta had a wide open shot at the NL
East title. Look what happened.

I will be the first to defend
a Braves player to the death. But, in all honesty, they brought the
suck this year. Injuries mutilated the pitching staff and may have cost
Chipper a shot at the MVP. Jo-Jo Reyes threw any ability he had last
year away and didn’t tell anyone. By the way, thanks a lot Jo-Jo. I
liked you, but you killed the Braves this year more than the Phillies.
Maybe you should request a trade to the Royals, thay are used to losing
over there.

Not only did the Braves suck this year, I was
reminded of it constantly. It seemed everytime I looked at the tv the
ESPN bottom line ticker reminded me they lost. It didn’t help that my
ESPN mobile updates told me how much they were losing by after the 3rd,
6th, and 9th inning.

Next year looks good though. Atlanta
happens to be loaded while C.C Sabathia will be a free agent. Chaces
are the Yankees will come up with 600 trillion more dollars to sign him
and the rest of the free agent market, while everyone else gets 40 year
old, washed up vets who need a walker to get to their car and an oxygen
mask between innings. Oh well, whats new?

Hopefully Atlanta will
get someone of value in the off season to add to the rotation. I hear
rumors of Jon Garland. Eh, not bad but I want C.C.. If it takes all 40
million they have to spend I don’t care. The man is an absolute beast.
Since being traded it is unfair that he is able to take the mound. The
opposing team should just lay their bats down because there is a better
chance of him throwing a wild pitch and it hitting the bat than there
is of anyone getting a hit off of him.  

Salary Cap? Who needs a salary cap?

Baseball, that’s who. I am tired of my favorite team riding in the back of the financial bus. What happened to athletic equality. The most talented teams are supposed to win, not the richest. Baseball has gone from a game of talent to a game of money. Please Bud, do something. If you won’t do something, then we need someone else who will.